These articles are designed for professional philosophers. Modern philosophy is stuck on a dilemma. We experience being intentional: personally believing and choosing. But science suggests that our brains are wholly physical, with no room for intentionality beyond the automatic neural processes.

In these articles, I show that the solution is epistemological, in our false notions of what knowledge is. We can’t help believing in the God’s eye view, in which there is genuine knowledge to which human belief can be compared.
There is, indeed, objective reality against which we bump. But there are no meanings or models until we invent them to try to make personal sense of the world.

I show that we need two models of the world, differing only by the inclusion or exclusion of the necessary construct of agency. In one model, we are automata and in the other we are agents. In one model there is monism, and in the other dualism. I propose dramatic consequnces to such a view, particularly in the article, “God, Purpose and Good”.

Each article stands alone, but I suggest you read them in the following order, rather than in the order published: “Dualism”, “Knowledge”, “Agency”, “God, Purpose and Good”, and “Desire, Fear and William James”.

I invite your comments after each article, or to me at ChuckTphd@gmail.com.
Chuck Turner received his Ph.D. in Social Psychology from UCLA in 1986. The articles on
this site provide a theoretical base for his work in ethics and the meaning of life.
Dr. Turner has also pursued a career in business. He has been Vice President for
Marketing for Global Marine Drilling, and President of Meyer Properties, a diversified
company of 800 employees in California and Nevada.
He lives in Newport Beach, California.

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